Kim Kardashian Is Apparently Now So Obsessed With Her Weight That She's Become 'Pregorexic'

kim kardashian miami E!The latest in totally insane Kim Kardashian pregnancy news: She's now "desperate" to lose weight while carrying around Baby Kimye. And she's thinking about doing a starvation diet, according to InTouch. Yuuuuuuup, sounds totally rational and true! Actually, accusing Kim of pregorexia couldn't be more reckless, repugnant, and ridiculous.

They say she's contemplating doing celeb trainer Harley Pasternak's Body Reset Plan -- a liquid/crash diet. OMG. And they back it up by quoting an anonymous "friend" who says, "[Kim's] always played up her sex appeal, so she’s terrified she won’t be able to get her body back after the baby is born.” Forgive me while I proceed to bang my head against the wall several times in a row.


To play devil's advocate for a sec, I wouldn't be surprised if Kim was feeling more than a little weight conscious right now, especially considering the sick, eagle eye focus of the media on her size. But would she ever go as far as this story is asserting?!

GossipCop says no. I hope they're right. She's got enough problems with all the pain she said she's experienced during her pregnancy. I'm sure she is prioritizing her health and the baby's health above all. Might she be trying to "clean up" her diet? Not fall back on her workouts? Sure, probably, and that's okay. But to go so far as to do a diet that consists of smoothies and barely-caloric foods, no way.

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And by the way, I wouldn't be surprised if Pasternak's lawyers were on the phone to the tabloid at this very moment. Maybe it's publicity, but why would he want to be associated with something so outright WRONG? I know Weight Watchers always makes a very strong point to note that they'd never advocate pregnant women attempting to actively lose weight. (Remember how they handled the Jessica Simpson crisis?)

All of that said, pregorexia is unnervingly very real. Breaks my heart that we've driven some women to be so flipped out about their weight while growing another human! Kim's certainly dealing with more pressure than most ... but fingers crossed she's heeding the words of her doctors over those of vile, vicious tabloid journalists.

Are you saddened/shocked/appalled by this reckless story?


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