5 Ways to Make Parenting Easier With a Swipe of Your iPhone

Chroma appLet's face it: There's no way to be the perfect parent. No matter which books you read or what advice you follow, every home is different. Which is exactly why I say you deserve to use every single resource available, including technology.

Of course there are all sorts of opinions on what age is the right age to get your kid a cellphone, but I'm here to tell you that handing them an iPhone or iPad can actually make the whole parenting gig easier. And no, NOT just to play with or as a distraction.

There are loads of cheap or free apps out there that make connecting with your kiddo a breeze. Whether you're trying to potty train your little one or have a picky eater on your hands, you'll be WOWed at the kinds of tools out there that can help you and your family around the house in your day-to-day.

Check out these 5 great, cheap apps that can make parenting easier:


If you're potty training your toddler ...
Potty Time With Elmo ($2.99): Have a kiddo who is still learning the ins and outs of potty training? Well, this app could be your new best friend. Allow Elmo to teach your little one the basics of potty use with the help of fun songs and stickers.

For the household with a picky eater ...
Awesome Eats (Free): Have a picky eater in the family? This cool app makes even the "grossest" of healthy vegetables seem delicious through hours of game play. Kids will also pick up healthy eating tips from a cast of over 50 characters.

For the household dominated by kid art ...
(Free): Have a little artist in the family? It can be nice, sure, but it's hard to keep track of drawing after drawing (and manage all that clutter!). With Artkive you can snap pictures of their greatest creations and then turn them into a hard cover book with a few clicks and drags. Art projects grouped together by grade? Sounds like an easy YES to me.

If you're a parent with a special needs child ...
Kids in Story ($6.99): Specifically designed to benefit children with autism and other special needs, this app makes it fun and easy to create visual stories to support learning, early literacy, and social modeling. The best part? The app's reader makes it super easy to read personalized stories and share your storybooks with family and friends.

If your kids' chores are never getting done ...
Chorma for Chores (Free): This fun app is an easy, fun way to organize chores for the whole family. Simply list out the chores on one device, and everyone in the household can sign up for the ones they want. The more chores you do, the more points you can earn. Set desirable prizes for different point allowances, and who knows -- your kids could be cleaning the bathroom WILLINGLY before you know it!

Do you have any great parenting apps you swear by?


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