5 Ways Playing Video Games Can Help Your Career

video gamesWhen you think "video games", you typically don't think "career advancement". Actually, the image of a dude still clad in his bathrobe, eating cereal out of the box, often comes to mind. But playing video games can honestly help your career. For serious. Here are 5 ways how.


1. Video games make you a better problem solver. Whether you're playing a silly little game on your phone or an all-out war game on your system at home, the object is the same: To win. Playing video games can help exercise the portion of your brain that helps solve problems and, in turn, can make you more effective at work.

2. You learn from your mistakes with video games. If you do something when playing a video game and it doesn't work, you don't do it again. That knowledge can be translated into the workplace.

3. You learn to work with others. When you engage in a multiplayer game, you gain experience in how to work well with others -- something that can not only help you at work, but in life, as well.

4. You learn to love challenges. Challenges may not always be welcome in the workplace, but gamers may have an easier time learning to love them, as who doesn't love a challenge in a video game?

5. It boosts (friendly) competition. A little friendly competition at your place of business is always a good thing. It will get you to work harder and boost productivity.

Do you think playing games has made you better at your job?

Image via michael.matuzak/Flickr

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