Justin Bieber Posts PDA Pic of Selena Gomez, Then Does Something Obnoxious (PHOTO)

justin bieber selena gomezFueling rumors that they're back on, Justin Bieber posted a photo of him and Selena Gomez all cuddly and lover-like to his Instagram -- only to delete it a short time later. This isn't the first time JB has done the ol' post and delete thing -- not too long ago, Bieber uploaded a photo of his bare ass to Instagram (no thanks), and then removed it a few minutes later. Perhaps this is some publicity ploy by Team Justin, or maybe -- Justin doesn't know how this crazy thing we call the World Wide Web works.


Personally, I'm apt to believe the former theory, as Justin Bieber knows perfectly well what goes on in the interwebs. He's a tweeting, Instagramming, YouTube-content producing machine. But still, his photo brings up a good point, as most things he does are wont to do: Don't post shit then delete it a few minutes later! It's annoying.

I mean, look. We've all had second thoughts about things we've put on social-networking sites. Ever go back and read old Facebook posts and/or tweets you thought were hilarious at the time? Oof. That can be rough. But when you delete something a few minutes after posting it, you're basically trying to create this sense of mystery around yourself, and it's pretty transparent. (Save for those who have been asked by someone else to take something down. You're exempt, guys. Good talk.)

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Also, shit doesn't disappear off the Internet or Instagram. Once it's up, it's up. Someone could have already reposted it, or saved it, or taken a screenshot. It's out there in the ethers, ready to haunt you forever. There's no such thing as deleting something from the web. Sorry.

So, Justin. Enough with the posting and then quickly taking down photos to your Instagram. It's getting old. Though on the flip side, I did just write an entire post about this, soooo, you win again, I guess. Damn you, Bieber!

Have you ever posted something then deleted it?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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