If You’re Itching to Commit Incest, Now Your Phone Can Stop You

Imagine you meet a hot looking guy in a bar and you'd love to get his phone number and maybe a bit more. There are some dangers to the hookup though: Is this guy a psycho? Does he have any STDs? Is he married? Is he your brother? I'm not kidding. Remember the woman who married her father? Or the man who married his sister? Don't assume it couldn't happen to you! They say we're all attracted to people who look like we do! Well, fortunately, there is now a phone app that can detect when you're about to make a major relationship fail and pickup your relative. Yep, it's an incest phone app.


Developed by engineering students at the University of Iceland, the app lets you bump phones with someone else and instantly compare your ancestors. A little alarm goes off if you're about to commit incest. The alarm must sound something like, "Ewwwwwww!!!" or maybe a Siri-like voice says, "Who's your daddy? He's your daddy!"

Okay, don't get too excited yet. So far this app is only available in Iceland, where those super-hot blonde Nordic types actually have to worry about this, because they're all, like, related. Though I'm not sure they care too much.

The app, called IslendingaApp, is able to exist because it uses information gathered in Iceland's database that keeps track of everyone's lineage. Since there's only about 300,000 in all of Iceland, that's not too hard.

But I could eventually see it coming here. Maybe the app could hook up with one of those online ancestry sites and tap into its database. It could certainly save people a lot of heartache. Finding out you're married to your brother has got to put a damper on the honeymoon.

On the other hand, maybe it's just best not know. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick have been married 25 years. Do you really think they needed to know they were related? Kyra and Kevin are ninth cousins. But then again, Kevin is related to everyone by six degrees or less. You can totally see the resemblance, though. Look at their jaw lines!

Kyra and Kevin have one of the best marriages around, and they may not have even made it past the first drink if they'd tapped incest apps. Ninth cousins may not be like getting it on with your sibling, but might have been just enough to make decide to not bother with a first date.

Maybe the key to a long relationship is to be just a little related?

Would you use an incest app?


Image via CompuJeramey/Flickr

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