The One Person Who Should Never Be Your Facebook Friend

facebookHey, remember that time you friended your boss on Facebook and then you were tagged in a spring break photo circa 1998? The one where you thought it'd be funny to pose like you were dry humping the fun-loving cab driver? Yeah. That was a bad idea. A new poll was just released, and it turns out the one person the majority of people think you shouldn't friend on Facebook is your boss -- and with good reason.


Many, if not all, aspects of Facebook can be misconstrued. You're having a bad day, so you post a cryptic status update -- aka, you Vaguebook -- and your boss may think it's about her or your job. You post something really late at night; your boss knows you're tired or hungover or whatever the next day. You're tagged in semi-crass or full-on-crass photos; your boss sees. Whatever. You could have the coolest boss in the world and the most fabulous working relationship, but it's just not a great idea. Especially since it's something you can't undo. Randomly unfriending your boss? No bueno.

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If, for some reason, you feel that you absolutely need online contact with your boss, and you both have Twitter and/or Instagram accounts, try that instead. Yes, it's still social networking, and yes, you can still get "caught" doing things that may be frowned upon, but both platforms are a little less telling (depending on what you share, of course). You can't see someone's entire life by checking out their Instagram or Twitter profile. Also, you're kind of restricted in how much you can post. I mean, seriously, how much trouble can you possibly get into in a single photo or in 120 characters?

(Famous last words, right?)

Are you and your boss friends on Twitter?

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