Judge's Cellphone Goes Off During Court, So He Fines Himself! (VIDEO)

Judge Voet
Judge Voet
A lot of the time it seems like authority figures live by the adage "Do as I say, not as I do", but a judge in Michigan recently fined himself because his smartphone went off in the court room. Judge Raymond Voet had just gotten a Windows smartphone and he'd forgotten to lock the screen, so while a prosecutor was in the middle of his closing arguments, Voet's phone started saying: "Say a command." "[The prosecutor] lost his train of thought and looked at me. I felt my face starting to burn red," the judge said. Voet turned off his phone, allowed the prosecutor to finish, and at the next break, he went and paid a $25 fine. A massive incurrence? No. But it's nice that the judge didn't think he was an exception to the rule.


"I like my phones just like anyone else," Voet said. "But it's very distracting when a phone goes off." Indeed it is my, friend. And it's happened to the best of us. But here's an idea: Why don't we all turn our phones off when we're not supposed to be using them?

Movies. Hugh Jackman plays. Meetings. Court, apparently. These are places we're not supposed to use our phones. We're not supposed to answer them. We're not supposed to text on them. We're not supposed to play Bejeweled Blitz on them during these times. They're banned for a reason. So, why not turn them off? The whole silencing thing or locking the screen is half-assing it. Let's switch them to off fair and square.

Here's the thing: When a phone is off, you can't use it at all. It's just a lifeless piece of metal that actually looks kind of idiotic. But when it's set to silence or vibrate or whatever, you can -- and you shouldn't be using your phone when you're in a movie or in court!

Judge Voet did the admirable thing here, doling out a fine to himself. But just saying, if his phone was off in the first place, he'd be $25 richer right now.

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