Woman Thanks Lifeguard for Saving Her Life ... 50 Years Later (VIDEO)

eady rothsteinHow do you thank someone for saving your life? You can start by thanking them -- even if it's 50 years later. In 1964, when she was just 5 years old, Eady Rothstein was playing near a clubhouse pool in Long Island's Lido Beach when she slipped and fell in. The 21-year-old lifeguard on duty, Larry Brickman, pulled Rothstein out of the pool and performed CPR, saving Rothstein's life. Probably because she was little and scared, Eady never got a chance to thank Brickman. But now, understandably, she wants to. 


Eady found an old scrapbook recently while she was in the midst of moving that contained a newspaper clipping that reported on her brush with death. She did a simple Google search on Brickman, and lo and behold, she was able was able to obtain his information. "I got his phone number. I got his answering machine, and I left a message," Rothstein said. And then Brickman returned her call. "My final words to her when I hung up that day, after I called her back, were, 'You know, I guess we just got very lucky, you and I both,'" said Brickman. The two have plans for an eventual in-person meeting when Eady, who lives in New Jersey, and Brickman, who lives in Florida, can coordinate.

No doubt Larry was shocked to return to his home to find a message from the 5-year-old girl he rescued eons ago -- but it goes to show that no good deed goes unnoticed. Of course, receiving recognition isn't ever a reason to do the right thing, but it's always nice to be thanked. So glad Rothstein was able to find the man who saved her -- and that Brickman was able to save her in the first place.

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