Woman Finds Out Husband Is Married -- to Another Woman! -- Via Facebook

wedding ringsFacebook, Facebook, whatchu gonna do when it comes for you? That was meant to be sung in the vein of the Cops theme song, FYI. Cool story. Anyway! What do we got today, folks, on the Facebook catching someone doing something they shouldn't front? How about a woman finding out that the man she just married actually has another wife? Not crazy enough for you? How about a woman updating her relationship status to "married", and changing her last name to her husband's on the site, only to be contacted by the man's ... old wife? Oh, you know, just a regular day in social media.


After a 38-year-old Australian woman changed her name to "Mrs. Keyet" on Facebook, she was contacted by another Mrs. Keyet. A private message read: "Hello, new Mrs Keyet. How can you be Mrs Keyet when I am still Mrs Keyet? From the old Mrs Keyet." Turned out, the man she married had never gotten divorced from Old Mrs. Keyet, whom he had married 16 years ago. Apparently, when he was asked to produce documentation, showing their divorce before the civil ceremony with New Mrs. Keyet, he said that his previous marriage had never been valid -- and the issue was dropped. Since finding out that her husband was in fact married before -- and, actually, still is -- New Mrs. Keyet filed an application to have her marriage annulled. And it's since been granted.

It always amazes me when I hear about people who still think they can get away with shit. We live in a world where oversharing is the norm; all of our info is online; and everyone's talking to everyone non-stop, 24 hours a day. You can't get away with anything! Nothing! You are going to get caught! If not by the police, by Zuckerberg and his billion-member strong army of liking, poking, Spotify-listening minions.

It sucks that this poor woman had to go through something so crappy, but hey, thank god for Facebook. This woman could be married to a married man. Not cool.

Have you ever caught someone in a lie on Facebook?

Image via RichardBowen/Flickr

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