6 Things People Need to STOP Bragging About on Facebook


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Ugh. Lately it seems like every day I get a little bit more annoyed with some of the Facebook status updates I see clogging up my news feed -- ones that make me roll my eyes in disgust. Remember when Facebook was fun? Like five years ago? When we used it as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends we don't see on a regular basis? Yeah, those days are over -- and they have been for a while. Facebook has somehow morphed into a never-ending brag-fest -- because people just can't seem to resist rubbing every perfect aspect of their lives into their friends' faces.

And it seriously HAS to STOP. Like right now. Facebook is supposed to be a place to laugh, reminisce, and connect with others, not a place to brag and seek praise or fish for compliments -- or intentionally try to make people feel like your life is so much better than theirs.

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I'll be the first to admit that I've been guilty of throwing a braggy status update up once in a while, but I'm vowing to try my hardest to never do it again. If it bugs me when other people do it, then I'm sure it drives them insane to see similar updates from me. (Sorry if I was ever a buzz kill, guys.)

Here are six things people seriously need to stop bragging about on Facebook immediately. (Take note.)

  1. Your perfect spouse -- For the love of all things holy, PLEASE cool it with the sappy romance letters. We get it, you love your husband. But we don't need to know that he brings you breakfast in bed and a dozen roses every day, whispers sweet nothings in your ear, kisses your feet, and then weeps over how in love he is with you. (Gag me.)
  2. Your perfect kids -- There's a difference between being a "proud" mom because your kid got a good report card, and being an insane mom who insists her kid never does anything wrong, never talks back, never has a bad day at school, never throws a tantrum, and never achieves anything less than 100 percent greatness.
  3. Your dress size -- Ok, so you're a size 2. We know that. We notice it every time you post a "selfie" while gazing into the mirror in your sports bra and yoga pants. You don't have to remind us every few days or so that you're a size 2. Really.
  4. Your weight -- This isn't limited to women, because lately I've seen dudes broadcasting the number on the scale in a status update. Why on earth would you put your weight out there for people to see unless you want a pat on the back for it?
  5. Your amazing job -- Uhhhh, soooo, I'm really guilty of this one. I've posted the "I love my job!" or "I can't believe I actually get paid to do this!" sort of update on more than one occasion. And I apologize. It's great that I love my job, but I know not everyone loves their job. And it's not fair for me or anyone else to brag about how great their career is -- because it might make some friends feel really, really shitty about theirs. (I won't do it anymore. I promise.)
  6. Your workout -- OMG. I swear, if I have to hear about one more person sweating for four hours straight at the gym, I'm going to scream. You worked out. Good for you. Now shut up about it and let me eat my Oreos in peace.
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