Band Posts Hilarious Sign Telling Fans to Stop Being Rude With Cellphones at Concert (PHOTO)

yeah yeah yeahsIf you didn't think alt band the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs were awesome already, you sure as balls will now. The band, who headlined an NYC show over the weekend, put up a sign advising concert-goers against filming their performance with their smartphones. The request, which as you can see below (NSFW language!), playfully asked people to abstain from this pervasive practice, because, dagnabit, it's rude to the people behind them! People pay good money to see a concert; they don't want to look at a cellphone.

Check out the sign:

yeah yeah yeahs sign


I love that the group did this. Not only because, yes, it's incredibly rude to obstruct the view of the person behind you, but because why are people spending entire shows taking video with their phones?! Don't they want to see the concert -- in front of their face?

Back when I didn't have a kid and I left my house, I never understood why people did this at concerts. Taking a few snapshots is cool. But when the whole show is spent videoing and taking pics and uploading them to some social media platform or other, it's like: What's the point? Why are you even there? Your friends get it -- you're at a concert. You're doing something fun. Music. Show. People. Beer. Cool. But you're missing out on something really awesome -- and rare -- when you're more engrossed in your phone than the show itself: Actual real life. 

It's only natural that because social media is so popular now, we want to convey our "best selves" online every chance we get. But I think it's a damn shame, as it completely takes us out of the moment. We're pulled away from what's actually going on -- and from what's actually fun.

So, here's hoping that other bands follow suit with the "no smartphone" rule during shows. Though it's worth noting: It's kind of ironic that the photo of the sign was taken with what's clearly a phone.

Do you spend your time at concerts posting to Facebook and Twitter?


Images via Taylor Hill/Getty & SPINMagazine/Twitter

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