Missing Family Survives Night in Florida Everglades Because Dad Knows Just What to Do (VIDEO)

scott schreck missing familyWell, these 3 boys will certainly have a good "What I Did on My Spring Break" story to share when they get home. It was dark, it was rainy and they spent the night surrounded by alligators and panther snakes. Yep, it will be an exciting story to share someday, but today, this Ohio family of 5 is likely just glad to be alive.

The Schreck family spent a scary, cold stormy night stuck in the Florida Everglades wilderness. And by stuck, I mean literally stuck. The airboat they were on got stuck in vegetation so deep that dad Scott Schreck, 44, was unable to move it. Not only that, but they were lost.

But because Schreck was an experienced outdoorsman he knew the one thing that would save his family's life.


Making a lot of noise.

The family had embarked on their trip Thursday morning and when they hadn't returned by nightfall, their friend in Florida alerted the authorities. Law enforcement, fire rescue and wildlife agencies launched a massive search, using helicopters, airplanes and at least six airboats. But the tall cypress trees and grass limited their visibility. Plus, the Schrecks' boat was painted in camouflage. The rescue people said it was like "looking for a needle in a haystack." And that's why Schreck's noise-making saved his family's life on Friday.

Rescuers never would have seen the family's boat but they heard them blowing whistles and an air horn. A helicopter picked them up -- you know the boys loved that too. In fact, Scott Schreck says the 3 boys even slept on Thursday night, though his wife did not (go figure).

The family fished for bass and took photos of alligators, and Schreck said he built a makeshift tent to keep the family dry, and they had plenty of food and water on hand.

I'd really love to hear the mom's version of this story ("I TOLD you we should have gone to Disney!") because it just sounds like the sort of thing 3 boys and an outdoorsy dad will be spinning yarns about for years to come. Just listen to the way the dad brags about how many fish he caught and how he told his sons that it's fun for the rescuers to use their "toys." And note, he says about his wife: "She's not getting back on that boat for a while." Yeaaah, like never. Hope you liked the trip boys, 'cause next time, it's Disney.

So glad they are all safe and sound and that what could have been a tragedy became more of an "adventure." (And Scott Schreck, buy your wife something nice.)


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