2nd Teen Hiker Found Alive in Unbelievably Harrowing Rescue (VIDEO)

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18-year-old hiker Kyndall Jack's family is no doubt breathing a huge sigh of collective relief right about now: After being lost in Southern California's Cleveland National Forest for the past 5 days, the teen has been finally been rescued! And while no information about Jack's physical state has been released yet, perhaps we can take it as a good sign (?) that the sound of her screams is what led the search party to find her. Indeed, it sounds like Jack's predicament was even more harrowing than that of her hiking partner, 19-year-old Nicholas Ceroya, who was found "dehydrated and disoriented" Wednesday evening in an area of intensely thick vegetation. But while Ceroya had trouble explaining how he and Jack got lost or where she might have been, officials say Jack was "conscious and responsive" when found.

Which is shocking, considering WHERE they found her.


The Sheriff's rescue team reportedly found Jack clinging to a "rocky outcropping" on an "almost vertical canyon wall."

YIKES!! How long was that poor girl holding on for dear life?! The spot was such a dangerous one that one of the rescuers fell 60 feet down the canyon attempting to save Jack, suffering a head injury (he, too, was airlifted to the hospital). According to Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Jason Park, "It was very difficult to extract her."

Thankfully, miraculously, they did it anyway. And hopefully Jack will make a full recovery. But I still want to know how these kids god SO lost, not to mention how they got separated.

Have you ever gotten horribly lost on a hike? What went wrong?


Image via KTLA5

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