'Facebook Home' Makes Your Regular Old Phone a 'Facebook Phone' & We Have All the Details


Facebook recently announced something called Facebook Home, a program for Android phones that puts your social feed front and center on your device. What does that mean? Well, you can send Facebook messages, read Facebook feeds, and look at Facebook photos. In short, it turns your phone into a Facebook phone.

As Jan on The Brady Bunch might have said in exasperation if the show were on today: "Facebook, Facebook, Facebook!"

Here's what Home will mean to you


You can buy a Facebook phone. It will be available on AT&T for $99 and it will be called the HTC First, a cute play on the HTC One, another popular Android phone. The phone will require a two-year contract but you'll save a bit on text-messaging because you'll be using the web to chat with friends using Facebook Messenger.

You will see loads of photos. If you use Home, the app will display all of your friends' photos in a constant stream when you wake up the phone.

You will see lots of notifications. All of your friends will be happy to share all of their most important news right on your home screen. Want to know who went where for Spring Break? Want to hear about little Dylan's guitar practice? Again? It'll be there.

You'll be able to chat. I think the real draw here is something called "Chat Heads," a system that allows you to chat with people immediately just by pressing their faces on your phone. Think of it as a way to add shortcuts to friends on the go. The "heads" system will be fairly persistent over the entire phone so you can pop into chats from anywhere.

If you have an iPhone, you won't get it. Unless Apple agrees to let Facebook take over your lock screen (and it won't), don't expect something like Facebook Home on your device. You'll be stuck using the app like everyone else.

Do you plan on buying a Facebook phone, or does it sound like too much Facebook?

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