7 Awesome iPhone Tricks That Will Make Moms' Lives Easier


No matter how much you love your iPhone, odds are, unless you're Tim Cook, you don't know all there is to know about it. In fact, if you're a busy mom, you've probably barely scratched the surface with all it can do. And that's a damn shame, because there are tons of awesome shortcuts and tricks your iPhone is capable of -- shortcuts and tricks that can make your life much easier. 

And today's your lucky day, because I'm going to share seven of these handy tips with you. (Hey, don't mention it, friend.)


1. You can take professional-looking photos with your iPhone. With every new version of the iPhone, it seems the camera gets better -- but still, the photos are no match for those taken with a DSLR camera. The Olloclip, which is something you attach to your iPhone, changes that. iPhone pics taken with the Olloclip look practically professional.

2. Use the volume up button to click photos. Not a very secretive tip, but worth mentioning, as it's a game-changer. Instead of using the camera click button on your screen to snap shots (which often results with blurry pics), use the volume up button on the side.

3. Tell Siri who's who. You can actually let Siri know that "Bob Smith" is your father. She'll ask you for confirmation, but from there on out, you can simply say, "Call Dad", and Siri will dial the right number. 

4. Prolong your battery life. Do you have a million apps open? Do you know if you have a million apps open? Closing apps will help you get longer life out of your battery. Here's how to tell what's open: Double-click the Home button while you're in Home. A horizontal list of all the apps that are currently open will appear across the bottom of the phone. Tap the list and the open apps will start to wiggle. Simply X out the ones you want to close. (Yes, they will stay on your phone.)

5. Send "text" messages abroad for free. iMessage is free both domestically and internationally. But you want to send an iMessage (blue), not a text message (green). Go into Messages in Settings, and turn off Send as SMS. 

6. Scroll to the top of your music library in your phone fast. If you're a music enthusiast with a large song collection in your phone, all you have to to is tap the clock at the top of the screen when in your music library, and it will take you to the beginning.

7. Change Siri's accent or language. Go into General in Settings and click Siri. You can then change her language or her accent. Life changing? No. But kinda fun.  

What iPhone tricks do you know?

Image via marc.flores/Flickr

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