The ‘Facebook Phone’ Wants to Be the iPhone, but It’s Just ... Not

baby on phoneAnyone who's ever thought, "You know what I need? A Facebook phone!" raise your hand. Okay, doesn't look like there's many of you, so why is there going to be a Facebook phone?! After months of rumors, it seems like it's finally coming to fruition: Zuckerberg et al. sent out a media invite, asking people to "Come See Our New Home on Android". The Facebook phone is reportedly a customized version of the Google Android 4.2 OS. It's got a 4.3-inch screen, capability of video calls, 16 GB of storage, and its intention is to increase mobile access to Facebook. So far, no details on the cost.


I just ... you see ... I'm not ... I really don't see the point of a Facebook phone, okay? I get they want to take over the world, Google-style, and that for in order businesses to work, they need to keep growing, but it seems like every time Facebook branches out a little more, or tries to deviate from their original model, it backfires.

Facebook needs to stick to what it knows best: Being a platform for people to post photos of their kids, their meals, and the awesome time they had while they were out getting gas. Once they start getting into the personalized newspaper newsfeed, and the phone, it's dipping its toe into Lake Shark Jump.

I know there are murmurs swirling around about how, thanks to social media like Instagram and SnapChat, Facebook is no longer cool, and Facebook needs to combat that. But is a phone really the way? Why not go back to a simpler, more clean design instead? That sounds more desirable than a phone.

A Facebook phone ... weird.

Do you want a Facebook phone?

Image via A____G/Flickr

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