YouTube Shutdown Prank Is Google's Most Elaborate April Fools' Joke Yet (VIDEO)

youtube prankYouTube recently announced that, after eight years, they're shutting down the website. In an elaborate, YouTube-star-studded video, the company explained that all along, the website really was just a contest to find the best video on the Internet, and after one is chosen, they will go dark for 10 years, and announce the winner in 2023.

Of course, if you have a brain and a calendar, you can immediately sniff out an April Fools' Day prank, but still -- the video they created is pretty damn elaborate. And it already has over a million clicks. Check it out:


Until I saw Antoine Dodson, I might have actually believed this prank. Okay, I wouldn't have, but once you see that dude, the jig is completely up.

Every year, Google (which owns YouTube) goes all out for their April Fools' Day pranks. A few noteworthy jokes from the past are in 2007, they announced "Gmail Paper", a service which promised to print out and send you hard copies of all your emails; in 2008, they rolled out "Google Book Search Scratch and Sniff", which instructed users to "place their nose near the monitor and click 'Go', which then loads odors"; and, my personal favorite, in 2011, they announced "Comic Sans for Everyone", which claimed that all webpages would be loaded with the joke of the font world. But this year's could be the most elaborate. Perhaps not the most believable, but that video's impressive.

Now. Let's all hope that the cancellation of Google Reader is an April Fools' Day prank, too. Please, Google? Pretty please?

Did you believe this video?


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