Woman Who Reported Rape Gets Arrested -- After Her ‘Rapist’ Reports HER

A 20-year-old student was arrested after reporting that she'd been raped -- and her rapist turned her in. Sound crazy? Well, that's because it is!! The young woman, Mary Kate Gullickson, is a student at North Dakota State University, and she got into trouble for reporting that she'd been raped. The problem was, she'd asked for it. No, I mean really asked for it. Police say she set the whole thing up on Craigslist. And then, after her rape fantasy was fulfilled, she went to the cops and reported that she'd been raped. But she didn't get away with it -- because her "rapist" reported her! This is disturbing on so many levels, I can't quite count them all, but it gets even more disturbing ...


First of all, you've got a young girl who has a rape fantasy. Although this sounds twisted, it's not that uncommon. I don't know too many women who actually go through with making sure it happens, but I do know women who have this unfortunate fantasy, and they can't even quite explain why they have it. I think these women are starved for attention or they are trying to re-enact abuse that happened to them when they were young -- what psychologists call "repetition compulsion."

Reportedly Gullickson placed her ad on Craigslist, which asked for a man to kidnap her in a ski mask, force her into a car, bind her with duct tape, rape her, and then drop her off where she'd been picked up. Would you be shocked to learn that Gullickson apparently had many, many applicants for the job?

Once she picked a guy to be her rapist and went through with it, she then promptly reported it to cops. The "rapist" himself was shocked when he saw reports of this same girl being raped and the police scouring campus for her abductor.

So the man came forward to tell police that on the very day of this alleged rape, he had fake-raped a young woman who had placed an ad on Craigslist. Campus police found the ad online, tracked down the email and phone number connected to it, and traced it to Gullickson, the very girl who had reported being raped. She was arrested for filing a police report.

But I think one of the saddest parts of this story is that when Gullickson showed her phone messages to investigators, there were so many texts from men responding to her ad that she couldn't even tell which reply came from the dude who had fake-raped her!

And there's even another level of ugh going on here, and that is that Gullickson told police she had filed the report because she did consider it rape because her boyfriend forced her to place the ad. Not sure I believe this story, because why not tell police about your boyfriend in your original report then?!

Gullickson is reportedly a psychology major, yet it sounds like she needs serious help herself. It's unfortunately stories like this that can throw suspicion on a real rape victim's report.

Do you think the man should be arrested too? Why do you think a young woman would do this?


Image via Cass County Jail

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