5 Photos You Should Never Post to Facebook -- Unless You're an Egomaniac!

flowersA writer for The Daily Mail recently wrote an article about how she thinks that someday her lovely daughters will regret their digital archive of "selfie" photographs. You know what I'm talking about, people: Selfies. Pictures we take of ourselves with our cellphones. Pictures where the camera is typically positioned above our heads in a downward-facing position, as to get the most flattering shot. Pictures 900 celebrities take of themselves and post to Twitter every day. Pictures ... some people post to Facebook.

Of course you want the photos on your Facebook page to be pictures where you look good (duh), but sometimes a selfie can be a bit tacky -- for instance if you're in a bathroom stall.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and I do believe that's true. But I also believe some pictures just shouldn't make their way to Facebook -- unless you luuuurve yourself so much. A healthy self-esteem is important, but there is a fine line, people. And these 5 pics cross that line!


1. Selfies in the bathroom. Mentioned above, but worth elaborating on. Here's the thing: If you're taking a photo of yourself in the bathroom, it's probably because the lighting is great, you just got ready, and you look good. But here's the other thing: For all everyone else knows, you could have also just gone poop. It isn't a good look. Have some discretion.

2. Speaking of poop, photos of your baby or toddler on the potty. Let's just get this out there, avoiding feces on Facebook and/or anything affiliated with feces is probably a good way to go. Yes, watching your little one go in the toilet instead of a diaper for the first time is magical -- but to you and you only. Assuming all your "friends" want to see this is just crazy.

3. Bikini shots. Look, if you worked hard to get your body, congrats -- and if you want to post a photo, go for it. But riddling your page with photos of yourself in a bathing suit says one thing and one thing only: I Heart Me.

4. Photos of all your new "stuff." Be honest: How many times have you logged on and seen someone's new shoes; their new bag; or an outfit they just picked up? A big purchase you worked hard for is one thing -- a home or a car -- but letting the world know you just hit up Steve Madden isn't really necessary.

5. Gifts. That's so sweet that your husband bought you flowers and champagne again, but is nothing sacred? Crikey, just enjoy the flowers and champs with your lover offline. It's much sweeter that way.

What photos do you find annoying on Facebook?


Image via lifelikeapps/Flickr

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