Manteresting Is the New Pinterest for Dudes -- High-Five!

dudesLadies, there's a new Pinterest in town. And it's not for you! The site's called Manteresting, and yeah, it's pretty much the same thing as Pinterest -- only it's for dudes.

Aside from the fact that Manteresting is a hilarious name/concept, at first, I was like, "Why's there another Pinterest for bros only?" But then I logged onto Pinterest and went, "Oh yeah ..."


I'm not trying to be sexist or un-PC here, but let's face it, Pinterest is more geared toward women, what with their obsession with DIY nails; homemade chevron pillowcases; and ombre layer cakes. Sure, there are things for dudes to pin on the site -- and hey, some dudes love ombre layer cakes and that's great -- but predominately, it's forever ladies' night over on Pinterest.

Manteresting, whose slogan is Interesting. Man. Things., is pretty much the same concept as Pinterest only they use "nails and bumps" instead of "pins and hearts". And the background is black instead of white. And there are pictures of things like chandeliers made out of drum kits; bacon placemats; and Nintendo lunchboxes. You know, for Homer Simpson dudes.

Will Manteresting take off like gangbusters like Pinterest did? Hard to say. But I will say this: I did waste lot of time on that site just now.

Are you on Pinterest or Manteresting?

Image via jumpyjodes/Flickr

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