25 Great Reasons to Get Off Facebook

thumbs upSo, you're thinking of quitting Facebook. Or you've never given it any thought at all. I'm here to help you make that decision. Or to plant the seed.

Facebook is cool and all, but let me tell you -- a break from it will do wonders for you. You'll feel renewed, rejuvenated, like your old pre-social media self. It'll be awesome. After a few weeks/months/years away, you'll be ready to take on the (real) world like gangbusters.

Here are 25 reasons you should get off Facebook. Even if only temporary.


1. It's boring. I am yet to meet a person who has a riveting newsfeed. I mean, think about it: Have you ever heard anyone say, "Wow!" after logging on?

2. You'll have more time to do more important things. Unless it's your only means for keeping in touch with loved ones, Facebook is not important. Sorry.

3. You'll feel better about yourself. No more Facebook means no more comparing yourself to others.

4. No more pictures of people's kids. If you hate kids, this is a positive. If you like them, um, Google Image "baby" a few times a day?

5. No more pictures of people's pets. See above.

6. No more getting randomly bummed out. Sometimes you just don't need someone telling you to repost something if you want to prevent a child's death.

7. No more random people getting in touch with you. Just because you're "friends" doesn't mean you're friends, knowwhati'msayin?

8. No more getting poked. Seriously, what's up with that?

9. No more seeing what so-and-so is listening to on Spotify. Who cares?

10. FarmVille. Anything about FarmVille.

11. No more dealing with people's Vaguebooking. Please, tell me what this mysterious thing is you're talking/not talking about!

12. No more being tagged in photos. Few things are worse than seeing you've been tagged in unflattering pictures on Facebook.

13. Facebook isn't cool anymore. Don't you want to be cool?

14. It's good for your mental health. I mean, how many studies do we have to read that tell us Facebook isn't good for our well-being? It isn't.

15. Privacy. Need I say more?

16. You'll have more interaction in real life. If you're not seeing your friends online, you may have to actually ... hang out.

17. No more having to discern the ever-changing terms of service. You practically have to hire a lawyer to know what the hell is going on with Facebook.

18. No more having to decode what people's messages really mean.

19. Facebook makes you fat and poor. True story.

20. Facebook is hands-down the biggest (non)excuse to procrastinate.

21. You'll catch more people lying if you're on Facebook. Um, ignorance is bliss?

22. You don't have to worry what you look like as much if you're not on Facebook. No tagging, remember?

23. You're pretty much off the hook if you don't remember people's birthdays.

24. If you're not on Facebook, you won't get invitations to things you don't want to go to. (Hence, won't have to think of excuses.)

25. Mix it up a bit! You don't have to delete your account altogether, just deactivate for a while. Odds are you've been Facebooking for years now -- isn't it time for a change?

Are you on Facebook?


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