NFL Star Regrets Hitting His Mom & Attends Domestic Violence Rally to Prove It

dez bryantI think it's safe to say that not too many people were expecting Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant to show up at a "Men Against Abuse" rally held over the weekend, considering his arrest last July on charges of allegedly hitting his mother, Angie Bryant, and pulling her hair. But not only did Bryant attend the event alongside Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, and Brandon Carr, he actually gave an impromptu speech:

"I made a mistake ... I just want everybody to know, it's not good to hit women and I challenge every man out here to X all domestic violence of your life."

A pretty brave move, I'd say, to both admit and apologize for his actions. In fact, Bryant's humility and willingness to admit his wrongdoing makes me think he's deserving of a second chance, especially considering his rough history.


Angie Bryant was just 14 years old when she gave birth to Dez, and, as one might imagine, his early and adolescent years were spent "jumping from home to home," his father around only occasionally. Of course none of this can be taken as an excuse for domestic violence, but it doesn't surprise me that Bryant and his mother would have some tension between them. Still, Dez insists they have a "great relationship," adding, "I love my mom. My mom loves me."

I believe him. Bryant really seems to have changed his ways since the arrest; the charges will be dropped as long as he attends anger management counseling and is not charged with any other crimes for a year.

Here's hoping the Bryant stays on the straight and narrow.

Do you think Dez Bryant really is done with domestic violence?


Image via AJ Guell/Flickr

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