Child Support Avoiding Dad Busted After Posting Giant Pile of Cash Photo on Facebook

moneySome people just can't handle Facebook. And I'm not talking about the people who post 37 pictures when they go out for a quart of milk here, I'm talking about the people who post pictures of themselves with a pile of cash when they've never paid a dime of the child support they owe.

Christopher Robinson, 23, is currently facing three felony counts of failure to support his 3-year-old child. Police were able to arrest the reportedly wayward father after the Milwaukee County D.A.'s office happened upon pictures posted to Facebook that featured Robinson sticking his tongue out and giving "rock fingers" over a heaping pile of 20s. Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern wasn't willing to get into the specifics of what information regarding Robsinson was on the social networking site, but he did say: "Facebook has become a repository for information that we may not ... know about."

So, yeah, some people just can't handle Facebook.


Think about it: This dude owed a ton of money in child support. Three years' worth. Yet, there it is, clear as day: A photo of him posing with wads of cash on the Internet. Whether he posted the pic himself, or someone else did, it doesn't really make a difference. Bottom line is, Robinson was more engrossed in having what I can only assume he deems "a cool picture of himself" online than getting caught shirking his duties.

And he's hardly the first person to get busted from something they posted on Facebook. There are countless people who have been the architect of their own demise, thanks to something they wrote on the site, or a photo they uploaded. On a smaller scale, I totally have caught people in little white lies because of Facebook. If you were staying in tonight, why did you just post a photo of you and your boyfriend at a restaurant? Hmmm ...

It's awfully easy to get caught these days, thanks to Facebook. People want to be seen! They want to be heard! And clearly, that's predominantly what's on their minds. I mean, bailing out on three years of child support, then uploading a photo of cash. That's just dumb. And that, my Friends, is being drunk on Facebook.

Have you ever caught anyone in a lie because of Facebook?

Image via JMR_Photography/Flickr

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