Man Dying of Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart in Spectacular Wedding Thrown by Strangers

Oh my god, you guys, sometimes life is so unfair. When a 28-year-old man is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer ... I just. I can't. Unbelievably devastating. Horrible. But the man, Nolan Keane from Kewanee, Illinois, had a dying wish. He wanted to marry his high school sweetheart, Morgan Carstens, and he wanted to do it in style. What happened next is guaranteed to tear you up, but in a good way. Get out the tissues.


Nolan, who was given only a few months to live after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, wanted to marry his longtime girlfriend Morgan, who is 26, and also take her to Disney World on the honeymoon -- since that is where he proposed.

But medical bills for Nolan's treatment had left them with no money for a wedding or honeymoon. So Nolan's sisters got the idea to start a fundraiser online. In less than a week, the drive netted $60,000. Additionally, people donated food and flowers. And then a wedding planner donated her time. Local vendors from Peoria, Illinois donated a bridal gown, a location, hair and makeup, jewelry, and photography.

The couple got married in March and posted the touching photos online. They're planning their trip to Disney for the end of the month. And they even have money left over to help with the medical costs. (By the way, it's so heartbreaking that people with medical issues end up going broke. NOT right.)

The couple have been overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. Morgan told ABC News:

We have been only asking for support, encouragement, and prayers, so when all of this blew up we all had every single emotion as possible about it. It's inspiring to see so many good-hearted and caring people out there.

Morgan says the amount of time she'll have being Nolan's wife doesn't matter. That they're just glad to be together and are trying to enjoy each day. She told the New York Daily News:

I feel blessed to be able to call him my husband, for however long that might be.

Ack, my god. Grabbing a tissue right now. I hope for a miracle for Nolan. This really does go to show you that people care.

Does this story make you appreciate your spouse more?


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