7 Surefire Ways Not to Be the Obnoxious Friend on Facebook

teddy bear friendsEveryone has the type of person, or people, they find most irritating on Facebook. Some think runners are obnoxious. Others preggos. Same soup, different bowl, right? But what if ... we're actually the annoying ones? I know, crazy to think we'd ever do something that would get on other people's nerves, as we're perfect, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Here are 7 ways to guarantee you're not the annoying person on Facebook (even though, you know, you're totally not).


1. Don't be Debbie Downer. If you're the kind of person who shares everything on Facebook, relating some of the less exciting exciting things in life (i.e., the major bummers) is only natural. But don't make them the only thing you post. Nobody wants to constantly log on and be depressed. They'll probably block you. Just saying.

2. On the flip side, don't be the person who only posts things about how amazing/unbelievable/awesomely awesome your life is. Nobody's life is sunshine and unicorn farts 24/7, so don't front. And quit trying to make people jell. They're on to you.

3. Don't only post photos/updates about one thing and one thing only. If you have kids, great! Post away about them! But don't make them the only thing you post about -- people will probably get bored. Mix it up a bit. Try uploading a photo of your dinner. That's always fun ... right?

4. Don't constantly post about how you hate Facebook. If you hate it so much, there's an easy remedy, you know?

5. Don't be the inveterate political ranter. It's Facebook, guys, not the Senate.

6. Don't be an endless stream of self-promotion. If you've got cool shit going on, good for you! You should totally plug it once in a while. But people probably didn't become friends with you to be constantly bombarded with your band's latest projects.

7. Do offer positive comments and interesting updates. If you're on Facebook, may as well post, right? Don't be the weirdo who never posts anything at all. I was. And that's why I peaced.

What kind of Facebook user are you?


Image via THX4077/Flickr

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