Soldier’s Girlfriend Receives Beautiful Note of Appreciation & The Kind Gesture Goes Viral

letter from vetYou've heard about random acts of kindness, but did you know they actually exist? Samantha Ford was on a coffee run with her two kids when she came back to her car to find that there was a note on it. Normally, a note means you're missing a sideview mirror thanks to some apologetic biker, but in this case, the message held good news. The letter was from a veteran who had seen Samantha's bumper sticker that reads "Half My Heart Is in Afghanistan." Evidently inspired by her sentiment, the anonymous epistolarian wanted to give Samantha a gift.


The note read:

I noticed the sticker on the back of your car. Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for serving. Him deployed and you for waiting. –United States veteran. God bless.

Inside the envelope was $40.

In tears, Samantha took a picture of the kind words (and the kind cash) and posted it to a Facebook group that supports families with deployed soldier -- as of now, the post has over 1.7 million likes.

What's more, the comments that were left on her post are equally uplifting (if you ignore the trolls, that is). Many military men and women took the time to share similar stories about strangers paying for their meals, or slipping gift cards under their hotel room doors, or giving up their first-class seat. Samantha's mysterious benefactor’s random act of kindness caused a ripple effect of appreciation.

Ms. Ford vows to pay it forward, but I do hope she keeps those two $20 bills as a reminder of the kindness, understanding, and generosity that still exist in our world until, that is, it's time for that date night with her boyfriend. No reason not to treat yourself to a nice meal together after months apart, and months of G.I. meals.

Ultimately, Samantha explains that she shared the letter on Facebook to give people hope, and from the looks of the likes, and the shares, and her emails with the Today show, she's succeeded.

Thank you to Samantha, and to the anonymous veteran with the kind heart and crisp 20s.

Have you ever helped out a stranger anonymously, or been anonymously helped by one?


Photo via Our Deployment 101/Facebook

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