Google Is Taking Something Huge Away From Us: Here's What to Do

single tearIt's sad Internet times, friends. Beloved RSS feed Google Reader, AKA LOLcat-aggregate, is tragically in the process of slowly dying. RIP. For those of you who don't know about Google Reader, let me tell you -- you're lucky. You now don't have to go through a depressing withdrawal following its death, but also -- you missed out, guys. Google Reader organizes all of the blogs and websites you check on a daily basis into neat, easy-to-navigate lists, so you don't have to go through the laborious task of going to each site individually. It's time management at its finest and, full disclosure, a god-send for someone whose job it is to find interesting things on the Internet to write about. I think I may need to take the day off when it becomes official.

But wait. What's this? There are other RSS feeds? Oh, happy day! Come, friends in mourning. Let's rebuild. And for those of you who never used Google Reader to begin with, you may want to tag along. You're in for a real treat.


The most popular alternative seems to be Feedly, as it's added more than 500,000 users in the past two days. It's a plug-in for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and the best part of all -- it syncs with Google Reader, so the feeds are imported to Feedly when you connect your Google account. Aw, yeah.

Another option is The Old Reader, which is basically an old version of Google Reader. It's a "bare bones" approach to an RSS feed (me likey), and essentially has the same look and feel of Google Reader.

Finally, another option is Flipboard. Flipboard also lets you import your Google Reader info, but it doesn't let you scan through headlines quite as quickly as Google Reader does, but, hey, when Google Reader is going away, beggars can't be choosers.

Do you use Google Reader?

Image via Megyarsh/Flickr

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