The Small Changes Pinterest Made Are Fantastic!

pinterestPinterest, land of DIY crazy nails and all things chevron, has undergone a few changes recently, and unsurprisingly, it's made the awesome site all the more awesome.

Thankfully, the changes aren't of Facebook newsfeed revamp proportions, but there definitely are some noticeable differences.

Come on, fellow pinner, let's discuss and then swap non-toxic homemade crayon recipes!


First off, if you've logged on today, you may have noticed that the photos/pins are now bigger. Yay for larger pretty pictures! Also, when you now click on a particular pin, you can immediately see who else has pinned it (i.e., people who may have [p]interests similar to you), and also, you can see a bunch of pins from the board of the person you pinned from. For instance, if I clicked on a sexy coffee table from Pinner123's "Living Room" board, I could see other pins in that particular board at the same time. Basically, it affords you the luxury of not having to waste time clicking back through people's pages. (But, FYI, odds of you staying on the site longer are fairly high -- just a heads up.)

Overall, I'm loving the changes made to Pinterest. I mean, I pretty much would marry the site no matter what, but these little tweaks just made the Pinterest experience all the more enjoyable.

(Fun fact: It took me about an hour-and-a-half to write this post, 'cause I got so wrapped up in Pinterest, yo! DIY everything!!! Glitter for dayz!!! Ahhh!!!)

Do you Pinterest?

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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