Facebook May Start Using Hashtags & This Doesn't Sound Good

FacebookYou've probably already seen #hashtags popping up in your Facebook feed, but pretty soon they might actually work. Yep, looks like Facebook is pondering copying Twitter and making hashtags clickable. Yay?

So far, of course, hashtags don’t actually work on Facebook -- at least not in the way they work on sites like Twitter and Instagram -- but that doesn’t seem to stop people from using them #amirite?


In case you’re not a Twitter lover, here’s a brief scoop: basically, hashtags started as way to categorize tweets. Like: "I love Angelina's red dress! #fashion #Oscars." On Twitter, if you click on a hashtag like #Oscars, you’re taken to a page that displays all the latest tweets labeled with that hashtag. They’re also handy for Twitter parties, so you can follow what everyone "at" the party is saying by going to that page displaying the party hashtag.

But then people started getting all clever with hashtags and using them as a way to ironically comment on their own comment. Like: "My kid just ate his socks #motherhoodisawesome."

The bottom line is that, since they’re basically a search tool, THEY DON'T WORK ON FACEBOOK. The reason they often appear in your FB feed is that many people have their Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr feeds connected to their Facebook accounts. ALSO people use them on FB either because they don't understand them OR because they're being clever about or meta-commenting on their own comment. #andwhynot

Facebook is already doing some Twitter-like things, such as allowing you to "subscribe" to someone’s feed even if you’re not "friends," and allowing you to comment "@" someone. So hashtags are a logical next step, but it seems kind of weird to me. How exactly would it work? If Facebook does make the move and make hashtags clickable, would you see all the status updates and shares labeled with that hashtag only from your own friends list? I don’t see how they could do it any other way, and preserve your privacy settings. I mean, it’s already freaky enough that Facebook archives all our searches (including all the times we Facebook stalk our exes). Do I really want people other than my actual "friends" to be able to see status updates I’ve tagged with the #isitwineoclockyet hashtag?

What do you think about Facebook using hashtags?


Image via moneyblognews/Flickr

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