5 Incredibly Annoying Things About the iPhone

iphoneiLove my iPhone. Really, iDo. I never in a million years thought  I'd be one of those people with their heads facing downward, staring mindlessly into a mini glowing screen whenever there's a free moment, but I am. And what, with a million cool apps; an incredibly clear camera; and FaceTime, how can you blame? Me and my iPhone will never break up.


There are some days I want to punch my iPhone in its stupid face. Here are 5 incredibly annoying things about the iPhone.

(But I still love you!)


1. The weather is often wrong. I mean, I'm not saying the weather app (that comes with the phone) says it's 72 and sunny when there's a blizzard outside, but there have been many occasions when the weather I have on my phone is different from the weather the person standing next to me has on their phone.

2. Autocorrect. I know Autocorrect has good intentions, but sometimes it really is the worst. I was trying to text "good" to my sister last night, and I somehow sent "gold" and "girl" first. Annoying.

3. I'm just going to say it: Siri sucks. Does anyone really use Siri? I loved the idea of an electronic "personal assistant", but the two of us just don't get along. She doesn't "get" me? Or, you know, the contextual meaning of what I'm trying to say.

4. iCloud is a pain in the butt. On one hand, I thank god for iCloud everyday. It would REALLY suck to lose all my photos, etc., but on the other, I feel like it doesn't back up as often as it should -- and I've already had to upgrade my storage twice now. 

5. People's phones have been wiped clean during updates! Thankfully, this hasn't happened to me, but I know three people now who have lost all their photos and contacts during an update. Yes, this is where iCloud comes into play, but should this really happen?

What do you find annoying about the iPhone?

Image via BeauGiles/Flickr

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