Sandy Hook Miracle Spared Classroom Full of Children

As the investigation into the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting continues, more details of that terrible day are beginning to emerge. And out of all of those horrible details, one miracle has come to light. Reportedly shooter Adam Lanza passed over an entire classroom full of terrified children -- because he wrongly thought it was empty. Wait till you hear how that happened.


In an unbelievable coincidence, the school had had a "lockdown drill" in case of this type of emergency shortly before it actually happened. That we live in a world where young children have to practice what to do if their school is shot up by a madman is bad enough, but then to actually have it happen is inconceivable.

But that drill led to an amazing happenstance: One of the first classrooms Lanza passed after he'd shot several teachers was a room that had a black piece of construction paper still taped to its door from the drill. And that led him to think the room was empty -- so he passed by it.

The teacher, Kaitlin Roig, had immediately closed the door upon hearing gunfire and sat petrified with her students, listening as Lanza spared their classroom. Unfortunately, however, he then continued into the room of substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau, who was desperately trying to hide her children in a bathroom. Lanza killed her and all of her students except one. That little survivor "played dead" until Lanza left the room.

He then continued into teacher Victoria Soto's classroom and began shooting. When his gun jammed, six children were able to escape. Call that the second miracle.

As Lanza heard police closing in, he turned the gun on himself. If only there had been more miracles that day. But at least many children were spared -- all thanks to a piece of paper.

Do you believe in miracles?


Image via ABC News


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