Woman Graduates High School at 106 Years Old ... But She Doesn’t Recommend It (VIDEO)

Reba WilliamsIt's a pretty amazing story. An Ohio woman finally graduated from high school this month at the age of 106. Imagine waiting nearly nine decades to get that diploma and finally having it in your hands. Inspiring, right?

Oh, that's just the half of it. Wait until you hear the advice Reba Williams has for all us young whippersnappers.


Don't do what she did!

What? You were expecting some beautiful story of how Williams was so grateful to the Mount Vernon English teacher who convinced the board of education to award her a diploma at 106? Oh yeah, sure, Williams is happy to have her hands on it.

But the feisty geriatric is even more inspiring because she's willing to talk about her own failures. You don't get a lot of that these days. People don't like to own up to having done something wrong, especially not when the bright eye of the media is upon them.

But Williams is my new hero because she's using her 15 minutes wisely and honestly -- by telling it like it is.

She could have had her diploma 80-some years ago. But she acted like a know-it-all teenager instead.

The new high school grad has been pretty frank about how she ended up at 106 without a high school diploma. Turns out she completed school ... all the way up to the end. Well, except for one assignment. A teacher told her to read a book that Williams had already read, and didn't like. So she refused, and she ended up just one assignment shy of completing her requirements.

The school did what the school had to do, and -- another score for Williams -- she doesn't blame them. She blames herself.

Said Williams when she was asked what she'd tell kids today:

I’d tell them what happened to me. If they expect to get anyplace in this world, they have to learn.

If you weren't already feeling inspired by the fact that a 106-year-old woman got her diploma, please tell me that got you a little fluttery in the chest. Check this high school grad out:

What inspires YOU about Reba Williams?


Image via Daily News

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