Facebook’s Most Annoying Status Updates Revealed & Yours Could Be One of Them

runnerAfter yesterday's Facebook win (hey, who doesn't like it when two friends find out they're actually aunt and niece?), it's unfortunately time for another Facebook complaint. Researchers recently spent their time finding out who is the most annoying on social media, and you'll never guess which group of people came away with the top honor.

Hint -- if you like telling everyone about your goddamn runs, you might just want to stop reading now.


The survey of nearly 1,800 people found that most were annoyed by posters who bragged about their fitness routine and diet regime. Fifty-three percent of those questioned found this type of post produced the biggest eye roll, and I get it.

"I'm losing so much weight doing CrossFit but I'm trying to actually gain it! Argh! Oh well, gotta go jean shopping for a smaller pair! #juicecleansingtoo #IalsowantyoutoknowIhavebigboobs #didImentionI'mripped." Yeah, those kinds of updates are a little irksome, same with the ones detailing the emotional state of the runner mile by mile.

The second most annoying poster is that of the foodie. Forty-five percent of those asked said folks who share a picture of every meal are just kind of the worst. A close third was anyone who posted a vague or cryptic message that begged for questions that wouldn't be answered. "Pray for me ... big life changing decision to make today" -- those kinds of things.

In line after that comes the game inviters, the proud parents, the oversharers, and the self-promoters.

There is good news, however -- a cure, if you will. If any of the people you follow on Facebook engage in some or all of the above behavior, you are allowed, believe it or not, to unfollow them, or unsubscribe.

Soon your feed, like mine, will be "OMG best 10-miler everrrr!" free.

What status updates annoy you the most?


Photo via lululemonathletica/Flickr

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