Boy Falls 160 Feet Down a Mountain & Then a Miracle Happens

fallEvery day, we're bombarded with awful news stories about children. Stories that give us anxiety and make us worry; stories that make us sad and ruin our days. But, thankfully, there are good stories, too. Stories like this one about Marwaan Rajakazee -- the 9-year-old boy who fell 160 feet down England's third tallest mountain, and basically just walked away with a bruise. Miracle? It just might be.


A few weeks ago, Marwaan was hiking with his father along Helvellyn's Swirral Edge ridge -- a hike the two had done the year before; a hike on which seven people have died from falls in the last five years. As they were making their way down the icy slopes, Marwaan slipped and fell down the massive mountain "like a ragdoll". Marwaan's father Imtiaz recounted the terrifying incident to The Mirror, saying: "One minute he was next to me, the next he was gone. His body picked up speed. He ­disappeared through rocks and seemed to hit everything as he went." After he hit the ground, though, Marawaan popped up and yelled to his father: "I'm alive!"

He was taken to the hospital, where staff expected to find multiple broken bones and/or head and pelvic injuries, but nope. After all that, Marawaan pretty much only had a bruised leg.

Sounds to me like this kid has someone watching over him. To free fall 160 feet, bumping around on jagged rocks along the way, is pretty unheard of -- especially for a 9-year-old kid. And if you're chalking the whole thing up to good luck, consider this: This isn't Marwaan's first stroke of good luck. His father describes Marwaan as very "accident prone."

These, apparently, are the breaks for the Rajakazee family, though, as Imtiaz stated: "[Marwaaan's] mom is not pleased. I like adventure but she thinks I take it too far. When you live dangerously these things happen."

Good thing this kid's got a guardian angel. Doesn't seem like he and his father are going to slow down any time soon.

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Image via ItzaFineDay/Flickr

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