Facebook Accidentally Reunites Biological Family With Adopted Daughter (VIDEO)

facebook friendsFacebook's been getting a bad rap recently. The teens are over it, you're over it, and now, it's revealing your deepest, darkest secrets. It's time for some Facebook love, though, don't you think? Enter 29-year-old Abbey Donohoe of Iowa and 39-year-old Paula O'Brien. The two had been friends for four years after meeting at a party and had been Facebook buddies for about the same amount of time.

So when Paula posted a short status update about the selfless act her brother and his girlfriend made 29 years ago when they gave their newborn daughter up for adoption on September 19, Abbey was all, hey, wait a second.


September 19 was her birthday, she was 29, she had been given up for adoption, and yada, yada, yada, these women who had been friends for years just discovered that they were actually aunt and niece.

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Abbey had never wanted to find her biological family, explaining that she felt so loved by her adopted family, but Paula had prayed to find her niece for years. The reunion, it seems, was a happy occasion for both.

Facebook reunited them, and it feels so good. I mean, guys. Come on. How sweet! We all may hate on the social media juggernaut and complain about their privacy settings, lament people's desperate pleas for attention, and protest the posting of breastfeeding photos, but see? Facebook's still doing what it was designed to do (besides make money and get Zuck laid) -- it's still connecting people.

So show FB some love, why don't you, and see what it can do for you.

Do you still see the good in Facebook?

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