Dad's Love for 3-Year-Old Daughter Drives Him to Hack Donkey Kong Video Game (VIDEO)

donkey kongHaving a game developer for a dad has to be pretty damn radical if you're a 3-year-old. Imagine a parent encouraging you to park yourself in front of the TV and zone out for a few hours? Heaven for a kid! And what's even cooler about having a father who happens to be a designer is the fact that you can ask him to swap out and rearrange the characters in various games to your liking. Tailor-made video games. Simple as that.

Mike Mika is a veteran designer, and when his 3-year-old daughter wanted Pauline (the girl) to rescue Mario in Donkey Kong, instead of the other way around, he said: "Okay. I can do that."


It wasn't quite that cut and dried, but after a little research, a lot of man hours, and talking it over with a friend and "partner in crime", Mike was able to hack the classic video game, turning the girl into the rescuer, as opposed to the rescued. No, Mike and his little girl aren't out to push a massive feminist agenda (the horror if they were!). The little girl just wanted to play as a girl instead of a boy. Though it should be noted that one particular YouTube commenter was so distraught by the idea of such a notion that he wished Mike's daughter "dead" because "it would do the world a favor and be one less feminist in our future." Don't worry, dude. Mike was just trying to make his toddler smile.

I think this is awesome. Not only does it illustrate how there needs to be more female heroes in video games (a notion I honestly had never thought of) since girls are playing video games, too, it shows the lengths a dad went to in order to make his daughter happy. And that's pretty cool no matter which way you look at it.

Check out the Donkey Kong hack:

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Image via pop culture geek/Flickr

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