Facebook Is Officially Becoming Uncool -- Time to Log Off?

kids computerIt's official: Facebook isn't cool anymore. Or it's on its way to officially not being cool, which is essentially the same thing, guys, isn't it? Now that other social media like Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat exist, Facebook seems to have lost its edge. This at least is what's being reported by tech analysts and high school kids.

A lot of people will argue that Facebook is one of those platforms that's simply "too big to fail." With its, what, nine trillion users, some seem to think that there's no way the social media site could ever go away. To which I say: Anyone remember MySpace?


Yes, I know, MySpace and Facebook are different in many ways. One, Facebook is much bigger than MySpace ever was; two, we're way more into social media now than we were in the MySpace heyday; and three, yeah, MySpace technically does still exist. But still. I kind of don't think Facebook will be what it is now in years to come.

No doubt, Facebook is cool. And when I say "cool" here, I don't mean "hip" or "edgy"; I mean, it literally is, well, cool. It instantly connects us with all of our friends and family members; it's a great way to keep in touch; and we can find long-lost pals and/or lovahs. But that's just not enough.

Despite being the most popular form of social media, there are now just too many other options. It's good that Facebook keeps revamping its newsfeed and continues to offer new aspects, but here's the thing: Once something is deemed "uncool", there isn't too much hope. People (especially young people) will start dropping like flies. In fact, they have already started dropping like flies. I know 12 people off the top of my head who have quit Facebook in the last year.

I think their recent decision to make the site more mobile-friendly was a step in the right direction, but let's not forget, everything is more mobile-friendly now, as we're all constantly on our phones. It's going to take something bigger than that to make it all the rage again. What can we say? We're a fickle society. 

Do you think Facebook is becoming less cool?


Image via whiteafrican/Flickr

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