Facebook Hoax Gets You to 'Like' a Page in Exchange for Fake Free Stuff

Have you heard about this awesome Facebook deal where all you have to do is "Like" a page and you get free stuff, because the company can't sell its unsealed inventory? You can get free Dre Beats headphones, an iPad Mini, and even a GHD hair straightener! And if you believe that, like this page, because it comes with a bridge just for you.

Promotions offering free unsealed products in exchange for likes are the latest Facebook scam intended to build up fan numbers, then sell and rename the pages. It seems to be working like a charm, too: As of this writing, the fake GHD page currently has more than 153,000 likes, while the real GHD page has just 22,000.

How are these people getting away with this?


Facebook's terms of service prohibit fake accounts that are created to imitate real people, as well as the posting of content that violates another party's intellectual property rights. This presumably holds true for companies, but you still see hoax posts all the time. Those seemingly ubiquitous "Dr. Oz approved" diet ads, for instance? Total spam.

So when you see something like this:

You miiiiiight want to do a quick web search to find out if it's legit. In this case, this offer is a hoax, along with the "We have got 82 boxes of iPad Minis that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed" deal, and this one:

If you're not sure whether an offer is for real, you can check the anti-scam site WafflesatNoon, or join the the Facecrooks page on Facebook to stay on top of the latest security issues. One thing to keep in mind is that old adage: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Have you come across any of these product giveaway hoaxes on Facebook yet?

Images via Facebook

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