Facebook's New Look Had to Happen but It's Sure to Make People Mad (VIDEO)

facebookJust when Facebook users were getting comfortable with the last redesign, Zuckerberg et al. are rolling out another one. On Thursday, it was announced that Facebook will be redesigning its news feed to look more like a "personalized newspaper". In fact, the term "personalized newspaper" was used several times by Zuckerberg during the press event that unveiled the latest change. And from the looks of things, "personalized newspaper" really just means "gigantic pictures."


The redesign, which evidently is more mobile-friendly, has made photos the main attraction on news feeds. Pictures are bigger, and the corresponding captions are now inside of the photo (like a magazine), as opposed to being underneath. The changes are rolling out on a limited basis starting today, so that Facebook has a chance to correct any glitches/complaints before they do a complete coverall.

If history repeats itself, as it's wont to do, shortly after this change goes into effect, users will start bitching about the new design. People don't like change. Especially when it comes to their beloved Facebook. This has been proven each time the social networking site makes a update. But here's the thing: In order for Facebook to stay fresh and relevant and completely unboring, it needs to roll out changes every few months. Otherwise, it's inevitable plummet into MySpace-esque obsolescence will happen even quicker.

It's only a matter of time before everyone gets used to the new layout, and at that point, they'll barely remember what the old one looked like. (I mean, think about it: Can you remember what the original Facebook design was?) Until then, though, I predict mass hysteria and status updates renouncing the "personalized newspaper". And lots of likes to go along with them.

Are you looking forward to the Facebook redesign?

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