Real-Life 'Notebook' Couple Married 70 Years Know the Secret to Lasting Love

the notebookNoah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton's classic love story, The Notebook,  may be fiction, but every now and then, a story hits headlines that mirrors theirs so closely, it's almost hard to believe. But these are stories that are truer than anything we've seen play out on the big screen. And the latest is enough to melt any skeptic's heart ... 

Jack Potter, a 91-year-old from the U.K. has been married to 93-year-old Phyllis for 70 years. Since 2007, like Allie in The Notebook, Phyllis has suffered from dementia, so she's been living in a nursing home not far from the couple's house where they lived together for over 50 years. And ever since Phyllis moved into the nursing home, Jack has been visiting her daily and ... yep, you guessed it -- reading to her from the diaries he has kept since 1938, when his father gave him his first for Christmas. Wow.


But it wasn't until 1941 that the two met. It was a few years after Jack joined the Army, and according to his diary entry at the time, and his recollection today, it was a "life-changing moment." He fell for Phyllis at first sight.

On October 4, 1941 he wrote:

Very nice evening. Danced with [a] very nice girl. Hope I meet her again.

They then married a little less than two years later. When they hit their 70th anniversary, the nursing home threw them a party, and the couple even received a congratulatory telegram from Queen Elizabeth herself. Awww!

Of course, we want to know, though ... Besides the diaries and the fact that Jack is obviously still so smitten by and devoted to his wife of 70 years, what is it that has kept them together all this time?

According to the home manager at the nursing home:

Phyllis means everything to Jack. He says there was no boss in their relationship, everything was equal.

And Jack himself told the Kent Online, "Our motto is 'Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be."

Absolutely perfect. Exactly the kind of balance and adoration in a marriage we could all aspire to have. And despite Phyllis' dementa, that adoration most certainly remains. The home manager shared a very telling detail about how Phyllis acts when Jack reads her the diaries ...

Phyllis still recognizes Jack despite the dementia. She pats his leg when he reads to her and often smiles. ... Phyllis is very affectionate toward Jack and reaches out her arms to hug him when he arrives and kisses his hand when he leaves.

Proof positive that there's just about nothing that can deter true, life-long love.

What do you think of Jack and Phyllis' story?


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