Soldier Poses as Waitress for Surprise Reunion With Mom at Olive Garden

surprise reunionIf you love a good military reunion surprise, have I got an awesome one for you. It happened last month in an unlikely place -- a local Olive Garden restaurant.

There a mother was sitting with what seem to be at least two of her children. She was happy enough just chatting away, talking about Valentine's Day and whatnot. Then a waitress walks up, and her daughter starts hugging her and won't let go. It wasn't because she loved her food so much, but rather because it was her sister, Sergeant Coody, who had been deployed for the past year in Afghanistan. This was the first time she'd seen her family since her return.

Check it out after jump. You won't believe the mother's reaction.


She doesn't even recognize her at first! "Who is that?" she asks.

And can you blame her? If you haven't seen someone in a year, seeing them there all of a sudden in the role of someone who has been bringing you bread sticks and unlimited salad could certainly be a bit jarring. When the recognition does kick in, the mother's joy is overwhelming.

According to a comment from mondicalegaspi1, the user who posted the video on YouTube, both the manger and waitress at Olive Garden were big helps in pulling the whole thing off. So kudos to them too.

While any reunion in which military personnel are reunited with their family is special, I love creative ones like this. Especially when they're filmed and shared online so that we can all enjoy them too.

What did you think of this surprise reunion?


Image via YouTube


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