Creepy Pizza Delivery Guy Harasses Customer by Text Because, You Know, He Can

textingA Domino's Pizza delivery man served up a different kind of cheese to a woman who ordered from the restaurant chain recently. Shortly after a 23-year-old Georgia woman had her piping hot pies dropped off at her house, she started receiving texts. Weird texts. Unsolicited texts. Nonsensical texts from a man who called himself "$Bands$". Texts that would probably freak you out if you received them yourself.


The first text read: "Did you have pizza today? $Bands$." To which the woman replied: "Who's this?" And things only get weirder from there. My personal favorite being: "I delivered yo pizza seen you was fine and wanted to holla at you $Bands$."

After Tim McIntyre, Vice President of Communications at Domino's Pizza, got wind of what happened, he contacted the franchise owner and had $Bands$ fired. McIntyre said: "I'm sorry that our customer experienced this kind of idiotic behavior and we do apologize to her." But this brings up an interesting point: We give our phone numbers and emails to so many people these days. Who knows if a person is going to wind up being a complete weirdo? Who knows if a person is going to start texting you, "Did you have pizza today?"

In some cases, it's unavoidable. Like, you have to give your phone number when ordering pizza. And you have to give your email when signing up for the Shih Tzu of the Month Calendar Club. I mean, I think you do. Of course, we all want to err on the side of caution when dealing with giving out our contact info, but sometimes, it's just necessary.

Thankfully, pizza delivery guys ganking girls' phone numbers from their places of work isn't an incredibly common thing -- McIntyre also said: "Up until now, we've not needed to state explicitly that employees are prohibited from contacting a customer for any reason other than the transaction of business. We don't have a 'do not hit on the customer' policy because we've never needed one until now."

Hopefully, this won't become a trend.

Are you ever nervous about giving out your cell number or email?


Image via kiwanja/Flickr

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