Stay Safe at Home With These Easy-to-Use Security Systems

If you've ever dealt with home security salesmen, you'll know they're kind of pushy. Home security is obviously serious business, but the lengths they go to in order to suggest "upgrades" to their services are a little off-putting and I've never really enjoyed the process.

Luckily, there are now a number of "modular" security systems out there that make it easy to install and run them without much fuss. In fact, they are designed to be removable, so when you move, you can simply take the hardware with you.


One, shown above, is called Scout. Made by a small design shop in Chicago, it comes in three colors (white, black, and wood grain) and looks more like HAL's smaller cousin than a security system. It connects to a number of sensors around the house and even has a motion detector to tell you when someone has entered a room.

Scout is completely computer-controlled, and you'll get notifications on your phone. You can also pay for 24/7 monitoring so the system will be able to call the police as necessary.

Scout is actually a project that's currently in the works, so it's not quite available for purchase yet. But if you pre-order, they expect it to ship this August if they meet their funding goal. The basic kit costs $120.

If you're looking to pick something up right now, Simplisafe is one of my favorite security systems. The starter kit with one door sensor and a motion detector costs $230 and the monitoring service costs $15 a month. Deluxe systems include more sensors as well as alarm horns and even a panic button. You can also use it to monitor CO2 levels in the home as well as temperature.

All of these systems are completely wireless and work right out of the box without service. While you'll probably want to spring for one of the monitoring packages, you could feasibly just request mobile notifications and call the police yourself when you see something pop up. It's not very efficient, but it works.

As it stands, these two companies are at the forefront of the new security industry. Rather than running cables all around your house and dealing with a slow installer, you can simply do it yourself and, when you move, pack up the system and take it with you. It's a great way to keep your family and your home safe, and the hardware looks and works better than ever before. Now I just have to peel those old "Protected by Radio Shack" stickers off my parents' front door and install one of these instead.

Do you have a home security system? Would you replace it with a more modern version like these?


Images via Scout, Simplisafe

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