Does Emma Stone's Mysterious Tweet About Andrew Garfield Mean Their Relationship Is Over?

emma stoneThe Internet is a buzz today about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's relationship being on the rocks. Apparently, Emma, who never tweets, posted a cryptic message to her Twitter account recently that read: "nawder nad islasehne tsintgi ni a erte", and a super sleuth over at Perez Hilton headquarters decoded it as: "Andrew and Shailene sitting in a tree." Garfield is currently shooting a movie with actress Shailene Woodley from The Descendants. The tweet was deleted a short while after being posted.

Who knows if this was an actual tweet from Emma Stone, and who knows if that's what it actually means (I mean, what else could it mean?), but it does bring up an interesting topic: Writing vague things on social networking sites, and/or taking vague messages you've written on social networking sites down shortly after posting them.



There's a term for when people do it on Facebook -- Vaguebooking. And from what I've gathered, it's one of the more irritating things people have done with social media. I'm not saying this was Emma's intention (in fact, some are saying Andrew is actually the one who did it), but I am saying that there's one point and one point only to Vaguebooking and Vague-tweeting: To get people to write things like, "Oh my, what's happening?! What does that mean?! Are you all right?!!!!"

You know you know what I'm talking about. A status update that just reads: "Oh. My. God." I mean, what is that? Just say what you're Oh-my-God-ing about. No need to tease another status update you're going to eventually write explaining things. I mean, sheesh, at that rate, why not just film a trailer for your coming-to-a-Facebook-newsfeed-near-you status update?

It's been said before (and proven?) that a big draw to social networking is that it lets people remind the world that they exist. And there's nothing wrong with that. But everyone will know you exist without the vague preview post of the post to come. Promise.

Do you encounter Vaguebooking in your Facebook travels?


Image via BSR-12/Flickr

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