$11,000 Lands on Struggling Mom's Car & She Returns Every. Single. Penny. (VIDEO)

pat wesnerI don't know Pat Wesner, but I know she's a better person than I am. How do I know this? Because Pat Wesner is a working mother of four. Out of her four children, one son is serving in Afghanistan; another has disabilities. Pat Wesner's work doesn't make her a lot of money -- she runs a struggling non-profit. Needless to say, Pat Wesner is somebody who could really use a windfall of cash to fall in her lap. And that's pretty much what happened when Wesner was just driving down the road one day, except ...

Here's the part about Wesner being a better person: $11,000 literally fell out the back door of the Brink's truck in front of her -- unbeknownst to the driver -- and she didn't keep ONE single dollar for herself.


Nope. Not a penny. Instead, she stopped her car and called the police so they could help her gather up the money and return it to the truck driver.

"It's stealing if you take something that's not yours and I never even thought, you know I picked up a lot of bills that were on the ground and never even thought that I would put anything in my pocket. It didn't belong to me," says Wesner.

WOW. WOW, WOW, WOW. Look, I'm not saying it would've been okay or good or legal for Wesner to take the money and run (or at least SOME of the money and run), but ... it would've been understandable, that's for sure. Not to mention easy-ish to get away with, I bet. Lots of other people would have made a less honorable choice, is the point.

So you'd think Brinks would have showed their gratitude with something more substantial than a thank-you phone call, but that's all Wesner got. A phone call. Not $1,000. Not $100. Not a gift card. Not a fruit basket!

Pat Wesner is a better person than the people at Brinks are, too.

Be honest ...

Would you have returned ALL of that money if you were in the same situation?

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