People Who Hate TV Show Spoilers on Facebook Want to Ruin It for the Rest of Us

facepalmLike many of you, I was EVER so excited about watching the Downton Abbey season finale. And I was just as excited about talking about that finale with my friends. But no sooner did I put out the call on Facebook ("OMG, Downton finale -- who's watching???") than I got that classic downer of a response:

"No spoilers on Downton, please! I can't watch until Monday night."

Ugh. Facebook spoiler censors. They totally ruin our fun. WHAT. THE HELL. ARE YOU DOING ON FACEBOOK?!? Seriously, why, in the name of the television gods, are you checking in on social media on a night when there's a major television event -- and expecting to be protected from spoilers?


I just don't get it. These are friends of mine, people I love and respect. I want to show them kindness ... in theory. But it just pushes my don't-tell-me-what-to-do buttons when people try to censor me on Facebook. Especially when it comes to something so trivial as a TV show.

If you think about it, it's kind of a self-centered and controlling request. I mean, we all show up in this virtual public forum for conversation. I'm on Facebook because I want to chat with friends who live far, far away. What about what we want? Why should anyone expect their 500 or so friends to forgo the pleasure of watching TV together just because you don't want the surprise ruined?

Memo to people who don't like spoilers: You don't have to log into Facebook! Go read a book or something. Have a conversation with someone in real life. Busy yourself for a while. But for crying out loud, have some consideration for the rest of your friends and let us go on with our lives. You are officially as crazy as those people who read reality TV spoiler blogs and complain about the spoilers.

Okay, rant over. Um ... is this an appropriate moment to say I still love my self-centered, control-freak friends? I hope they forgive me, especially since they've certainly seen me act like a self-centered control freak plenty of times! 

Do you hate it when your Facebook friends declare TV show spoilers off-limits?


Image via jazbeck/Flickr

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