Woman Finds Fiance Cheating on Her on Google Maps Street View (VIDEO)

yanex pandoramaWith today's technology, it's no wonder so many people get caught cheating. There's text messages that can reveal a person's philandering ways. Emails, too. And let's not forget about Facebook or Twitter either -- two social networking sites that could easily offer clues as to whether or not someone is having an affair. But one piece of technology I bet you'd never, ever in a million years think would bust you would be Google Maps Street View. I mean, what are the odds someone would find you on the street at a very specific moment in time holding hands with someone you shouldn't be holding hands with? Slim. But it isn't totally unheard of -- this actually just happened!


Marina Voinova, 24, was using Yandex Pandorama -- the Russian Equivalent to Google Map's Street View tool -- to try locate a building. When she navigated down the street on her computer, she saw someone who looked familiar -- her fiance, Alexander. It was Alexander! Only, the disconcerting part was that Alexander was linked arms with his ex-girlfriend. Marina confronted Alexander about the crazy coincidence, and he admitted that what she saw was right -- so she dumped him!

What are the odds?!

I'm not condoning cheating in any way here, but I will say this: In today's day and age, if you're going to have an affair, you best be a trained Black Ops Agent. With all this technology, there's pretty much no way you're not going to get caught. Hell, General Petraeus got caught. (And he was using what he thought was a slick email trick.) Morality, people: It's your friend. Embrace it.

Have you ever gotten caught cheating via technology?


Image via Spicy Russia/YouTube

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