Bizarre 'Dating Service' Creates Fake Girlfriends Who Call & Facebook Single Guys

red lipsA new website ingeniously called Fake Internet Girlfriend would like to kindly take $250 of your hard-earned money to make it seem like you have a girlfriend online for one month, kthnxbai. FIG will leave sappy messages on your Facebook wall; send messages to you via Twitter; and even join in on your gaming community, if that's your bag. Oh, and they'll also make two "public" phone calls to you to really drive the sham home. (IE, They'll leave a message with your secretary or assistant.) But when the company holiday party rolls around, better get your excuses ready. Fake Girlfriend does not equal Actress. (Or, you know, Real Girlfriend.)

What could possibly go wrong here?


First off, I just want to say that if someone is really, really desperate to make it seem like they have a girlfriend on the internetz, they don't have to pay around $300 for it. In fact, they could probably do it all for free. Simply set up a fake Facebook profile, Catfish-style; and a bogus Twitter to boot. And voila! Suddenly, you're "in a relationship". (I'm not quite sure how the texting/public phone call thing would work, but I'm just spitballing here.)

And second off -- I think this is a sign that we're spending way too much time online! Perhaps the reason a person looking for a fake girlfriend doesn't have a girlfriend IRL is because they're on Facebook and Twitter too much. Who cares if the virtual world thinks you're in a relationship? What matters most is that you're actually happy in the real, tangible world. You know, the one you're going to die in. (Not trying to be morbid here, just want to drive the message home.) Instead of spending $250 for this silly service, spend that money on a night out on the town, trying to meet someone the old fashioned way: In person.

Or, you know, just create your own fake Facebook page. Chef's choice.

What do you think of Fake Internet Girlfriend?

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