7 Things I Hate About Pinterest

7 annoying things about PinterestOh Pinterest! I'm addicted to you and all your pretty pictures. Your recipes, your crafts, your hot Ryan Gosling photos. 

But lately, you've been really annoying me and I'm falling out of love at a rapid pace.

And yes, I realize that it's not really your fault but rather all the Pinterest users who feel the need to pin ridiculous crap.

So if you're on Pinterest like me, listen up, and stop ticking off your followers.


1. Weird Nail Art

Oh my goodness, enough with the nail art already. Sure, the polish colors are pretty. And inspiring. But the panda bears? The piano keys? I just can't take the silliness anymore.

2. Dumb Crafts

I love to do crafts with my kids as much as the next mom, but when you're gluing noodles on a paper plate and calling it "art," that's just lame. Do something that we couldn't all figure out with our eyes closed.

3. Dead Links

Ever click on a photo with cool organizational ideas or the best pot roast recipe and it goes to nowhere? A photo url. A dead link. The main blog page where you have to search for hours to find what you're looking for. Just stop it. Click before you pin!

4. Trash Diving

Did you really need to save that plastic tape dispenser and turn it into something else? Do we really need to find yet another use for a mason jar? Sometimes trash is just trash and it doesn't need to be turned into a useless thing that just takes up more room in your house. And even if you want to do it, don't share it with the rest of us on Pinterest!

5. Members-Only Sites

People figured out they could make money by linking their members-only sites where people have to join and they make a commission, but that means when you click on an item, you have to join the club in order to see it. That's an immediate unfollow for me.

6. Stupid Quotes

Just because someone said something once doesn't make it quotable. And it certainly doesn't make it worth turning into a poster and spreading around Pinterest. ENOUGH!

7. False Advertising

I'm so tired of clicking on what looks to be a cool Pinterest pin with lots of information, only to find out that it's an ad for something else. Or it has absolutely nothing to do with the image that was pinned.

What drives you nuts about Pinterest?


Image via Pinsanity Pinterest Board

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