Oversharing About Your Relationship on Facebook Is a Bad Idea


Since it's been, oh what, four days now, since the last Facebook study has been published, a new one has been unleashed unto the hungry-for-knowledge social media masses: Research has found, just in time for Valentine's Day, that oversharing about your personal life online can actually damage your real-life relationships. AKA, you might want to think twice about posting a photo of your awesome flowers from your awesome boyfriend tomorrow.

This study is different from its predecessors. It isn't your run of the mill, state the obvious (social media makes us sad/depressed/jealous/weird/annoying) pointless survey. It brings a really interesting point up about Facebook -- one I've never thought of; and one you probably haven't either.


Researchers from the University of Kansas found that a good chunk of people in romantic relationships don't like their significant other broadcasting his or her feelings to the Facebook world. And the main reason being: It makes them feel "less special and unique".

Hmph. I never thought of it that way.

So often on Facebook do we see people's most personal moments -- their weddings; when they get engaged; their births; etc. -- and it kind of begs the question: Is nothing sacred anymore? If the entire Internet is in on our private, special moments -- they're not so private and special anymore, are they?

I know there are plenty who will disagree with me and this study. Clearly, many people love declaring their feelings for their partner online (and love being on the receiving end), but, why? What's the difference? Isn't hearing that you're amazing and special and loved by your husband or wife just as awesome as seeing it on the Internet? Personally, I thinks it's more awesome. That way -- and only that way -- it's just for the two of you and no one else. What could be more romantic than that?

Do you write declarations of love on Facebook?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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